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Lose yourself in great games.
Find yourself in stories that matter.

Bloom games centre authentic characters in the midst of pivotal moments and life-changing stories. We strive to find the stories that are missing and tell them with honesty and humour. With a strong background in user experience, digital strategy and game design, we know how to create interactive experiences that resonate. Bloom’s flagship game, LongStory, is a ‘choose your own romance’ focused on helping players find fictional romance and learn healthy relationship skills through an immersive and inventive choice-driven story game. Our second title Later Daters takes place at the Oceanview Living Domicile for the Elderly and follows the romantic adventures of a clique of adorably single senior citizens. Released in 2020 the game was supported by the Wings Fund and nominated for a Canadian Screen award. Bloom Games are available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and PC.